Ughhh ehhehqwrhqwhhr  I don't feel like myself lately.
:( :S

I want this week to be over. I want it to be Friday so I can go to Tacky Prom. I want it to be Saturday so I can go party at Garths with my best friends. I want to get tattooed, dye my hair and get my medusa pierced. I can't wait until a week from now when I can move all my shit into my new house. Living with two of my best friends is going to be the best thing ever. Next Friday is three of my best friends birthday party. One of them is up and visiting from Winnipeg with her baby. The day after is my friend Amandas birthday, she's moving back from Montreal for school. Ugh, I need to get out of Barrie so bad.


are you not having a party at your house this saturday anymore?