I am not excited at all for next semester. I don't have a day off, which I decided to do because having  more than 1 or 2 classes a day kills me so hard. So here is my deadly schedule:

Monday: Popular Music 4:20-7
Tuesday: Advanced Broadcasting 9-10:45 and 11:45-2:25
Wednesday: Media Writing 9:55-11:40 and Statistics 12:40-4:15
Thursday: Media Writing 9-11:40 and Advanced Newspaper 12:40-3:20
Friday: Advanced Newspaper: 9:55-12:35


If you are planning on taking popular music I can sell you the textbook!!! hahah


okayy! was the class any good?


um it was alright, we had a horrible teacher though she was such a bitch so i hope you don't get stuck with shannon something

but the essays/exam were pretty easy