School is so much work, and so much stress this year, but I'm getting through.
I love my elective, for the first time. It's all about health and living a healthy lifestyle. I'm learning a lot about how to eat right and what vitamins to take for my vegan lifestyle. Multivitamins, calcium pills and B12. Possibly iron soon, I guess we will see what I need. Ever since I started taking vitamins I've been feeling a lot better. My law class is really hard to understand, considering I've never taken a law class or been interested in law, but my proff makes it interesting and I never have trouble paying attention. My web design proff is a babe (and single) I checked ;). I'm making a wicked website, and am pretty stoked on that. I like my TV broadcasting class a lot, but it is sososos much work. I also love my specialized reporting class, but it is also so stressful. I just wrote an article on the Williams prices increasing and it's being published in the Radix (GH newspaper) soon. Pretty excited. I finally realized how hard it is to get an interview with someone though, ugh.